Anonymous: I didn't feel like doing aftercare for my little after sex and now she's mad at me and she keeps crying, she won't tell me if I hurt her during sex but she never said to stop, I feel so bad she won't come to bed and she has a history of self harm and I'm afraid she'll relapse tonight


I doubt you hurt her during sex if she would’ve normally told you if she was in pain. What upset her was your lack of empathy towards her after intense sex.

Aftercare is not a privilege she might get if you’re feeling generous. Aftercare is an absolute necessity that should never be neglected.

She’s suffering from Subdrop. This can cause deep depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and self-destructive behavior. You need to take her care and a lot more seriously. You hurt her tonight. You broke her faith in you to keep her safe and loved. If she matters at all then you’ll apologize immediately and relentlessly. You owe her some tender loving care and then some so I suggest you get started.